Bocanegra & Co customizes the service to fit your specific needs ensuring that your property on the Costa del Sol will be professionally run and looked after in your absence.





Some of our property management services:

  • Regular property services and security checks.
  • Garden and swimming pool maintenance.
  • Control of the property for humidity levels to avoid damages.
  • Checking of all equipment –air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electricity, ....- to maintain in good working order.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of your home.
  • Mail collection and document forwarding.
  • Administrative management, book keeping, taxes and expenses control (accountancy).
  • Insurance liaison and case management.
  • Supervision and report of service provider access.
  • Representation: Coordination of the services of tradesmen and providers of technical services such as telephone, internet, security alarms and satellite.

"Please contact us without compromise to request a personalised service plan and estimate that meets your specific requirements"